The artwork “Mangrove’s sweetheart” aims to creatively explore the mangrove (an environment of transition between the sea and the continent) as a neural network of living things, in contrast with AI as an artificial neural network used to generate millions of images.
On the one hand appears the question about living things and how to translate desire, which is explored creatively by the inextinguishable poetic sign language (F. Bifo Berardi): “the muscle is the revolt of the geologic seashell… everything dreams with the balm” or “the alchemy in your waters is deep, from the sediments, living waters of jellyfishes”.
On the other hand, the generation of millions of images-merchandise (imperative to be exposed and accumulated) appear in the film as a succession of polished images that look very appealing to us. To the same extent, questions the tyranny of visibility, the desire to see and to be seen (Byung-Chul Han) and to feel obliged to post them on Instagram or TikTok.


Carla Lombardo is a multidisciplinary artist, her research focuses on the body and its interrelation with living systems.

She graduated in Industrial Design from FAUD-UNC in Córdoba-Argentina, and holds a postgraduate degree in Visual Arts from the Universidad Nacional de las Artes in Buenos Aires. In 2008, she won a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of Spain to attend an art and scenography training course in Madrid. In 2011, she was selected for her solo exhibition “My Google Maps” and “Urbanitas” at Casa Elizalde in Barcelona, Spain. In 2016, she participated in the group exhibition at MASP, São Paulo-Brazil, with her work “Gentrified”. In 2018, she received the award for the creation of the work “A União do Povo” and her solo exhibition at the Centro Cultural São Paulo in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2019, she participated in the tribute to Jonas Mekas at MAM-Rio de Janeiro with the collective performance “Linguametragem”, and in the same year, Jonas book “Diarias” was published with her own Spanish translation. In 2021, she developed the situated artistic research “Coreopolitics of the Earth”, which had an impact on activism and counter-cartography, and also participated in the group exhibition Festival de C4nn3s in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Her latest video work, “Returning Home. Mata del Zumbi” has been exhibited in online festivals and published online in ClimaCom Magazine, São Paulo. In 2023 her film “Mangrove’s sweetheart” was selected to be exhibited in +RAIN Film Fest, Barcelona, Spain.


2021- “Coreopolitics of the Earth” Video collage / 6′ 02″

2022 – “Returning Home. Mata del Zumbi” Video found footage / 2′ 39”

2023 – “Mangrove’s Sweetheart” Video / AI generated images and videoStories from Instagram / 4′ 13”

International Premiere at +RAIN Film Fest / Barcelona

Brazilian Premiere at IX DOBRA / Rio de Janeiro