About Saracura river basin

Saracura river basin, image from N. Massafumi and T. Parma project “Micro areas of Environmental Protection – Bixiga river basin / Saracura river source”
Urban heat island (UHI) in Bixiga-Bela Vista.
Bixiga river basin. Award winning project by N. Massafumi and T. Parma
For further information: https://www.iabsp.org.br/?concursos=concurso-nacional-ensaios-urbanos-desenhos-para-o-zoneamento-de-sao-paulo-2
Quadrangle where Saracura Quilombo (community of slaved people that had scaped from their masters) was stablished
Poster made by Carla Lombardo and Ж/ 1st Salve Saracura Meeting – December 12th 2019 / Saracura river appears as an agent that configures Bixiga’s culture: Bixiga quilombo people, Bixiga waterside people, Bixiga community /
Rocha St. and Doutor Seng St. “Saracura river basin”
from https://aguasurbanasecologiaspoliticas.wordpress.com/2017/05/03/cidade-de-sao-paulo-tem-mais-de-200-rios-quantos-voce-ve/
Map: part of Bixiga neighborhood / in green letters “Saracura river source” at Garcia Fernandes St.
Garcia Fernandes Street, Bixiga neighborhood
“Here borns Saracura river”
One of the Saracura river sources. Photo from Veja magazine: https://veja.abril.com.br/brasil/tem-um-rio-no-meio-do-caminho/


– Harvest of avocato

Map of Saracura river basin / avocados trees
artist: Carla Lombardo
This painting from Rosangela Borges shows how to harvest fruits with simple tools.
Avocado tree picker
“Free avocado, who gave it was the square” / picture from internet that shows the abundant harvest of an avocado tree

– Saint Jonh cooking festivity

Street fair at Cardeal Leme St., above Saracura river runs channelized.